On Running and BBall

Apr 1st, 2012 // In: Posts // By: // Comments 0

First, the game. We were lucky to have a babysitter and were able to go downtown to watch. We were also lucky having contacts that saved us a table at The Bottleneck, so we didn’t have to get there to stake out space early afternoon. We got there at 6:00. The Bottleneck set out a […]

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Rock Chalk! (AKA, Now I get to clean out my closet. Again.)

Mar 13th, 2010 // In: Posts // By: // Comments 0

I have added three new KU t-shirts to my collection this month: one for Big 12 conference championship, one for the 2000th win* and one for St. Patrick’s Day**. Tonight KU won the Big 12 tournament, beating K-State. Again. I’ll go pick up my fourth new t-shirt on Monday. Since it is Spring Break, I’m […]

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Parade plans

Apr 13th, 2008 // In: Posts // By: // Comments 0

We are going to Vermont Street BBQ at noon, and will be hanging around Mass until the parade. It was snowing again this morning. Nothing terrible, but still, it is cold enough to snow. And I can hear the wind gusts rattle the windows. I’m ready for Spring. I think we will get that in […]

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Day 100: It is finally home!

Apr 9th, 2008 // In: Posts // By: // Comments 2

Day 100: It is finally home! We went to Memorial Stadium yesterday for the homecoming. It looked like the crowd filled up over half of the stadium, but estimates were listed at just half. I could have not been eyeballing how close together people were sitting perhaps. Anyhow, there were too many people to fit […]

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Day 99: Rock Chalk, Jayhawk!!!!

Apr 8th, 2008 // In: Posts // By: // Comments 6

Day 99: Rock Chalk, Jayhawk!!!! That 3-pointer? I fell down. Really. On the floor. We just got back from Mass. Bringing my camera lingered in my mind, and I regret not bringing it a little bit, and don’t regret not bringing it even more. I was squished inbetween people. People with beer. Mac brought his […]

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Not About Basketball

Apr 5th, 2008 // In: Posts // By: // Comments 1

I just discovered this, but I wasn’t ever looking for it since I have all seasons on DVD. CBS has the first season of MacGyver viewable online. I haven’t watched any yet, so I’m not sure if they are original or syndicated versions. I think that everyone who reads this and cares has it on […]

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From my mother If we would have lost this*, we would have been the joke of the world. Is there a t-shirt for this? I don’t really know about the shirts, but I’m trying to convince Mac to have a party on Monday. I’d rather go downtown for the game, but yeah, like we could […]

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Oh the stress!

Mar 30th, 2008 // In: Posts // By: // Comments 0

I shouldn’t get so stressed because of basketball, but geez, it makes me stressed. All four number one seeds are in the Final Four. I had better prepare with some meditation or something for the next game because KU gets to go up against Roy Williams and UNC. I still like Roy, so I usually […]

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