Conversations with Jay

Apr 13th, 2012By: Comments 0

I should be putting all my child conversations here. I place our dialogs on Facebook/G+ at times, but I haven’t downloaded all my posts from there*. Here, I can back-up easily.

After getting in bed with Jay last night**, he grabbed my hand and said:

Jay: Mommy. Can we talk?
Me: For a little bit. I’m tired and need to sleep.
Jay: Can we talk about dinosaurs?

Remind me about this conversation in about 10 years. I’ll miss the easy ones.

*That needs to be on my to-do list. I will want to remember these later, and I never write this stuff down on paper.

**Jay has a difficult time getting to sleep at his prescribed bedtime. I feel for him because I grew up the same way, and sitting in your room in the dark for hours was boring, but never resulted in me actually falling asleep. I’m like that as an adult as well. My body falls asleep naturally around 1-2 am when not living by an alarm. To help Jay, I usually cave and let him get in bed with us because that will result in him falling asleep faster than when left alone, as well as results in me not having to listen to him cry. Mac kicked him out last night before he had fallen asleep, so I decided to get in bed with him.


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