Can’t sleep, bagel will eat me

Apr 12th, 2012By: Comments 0

I can’t sleep. I spent 2 hours laying in the dark trying before giving up. Right now, that doesn’t suck because I’m catching up on some internet reading that I never seem to find time for. Make time for. Whatever.

I have Heather’s RSS feed in my reader — aka, and every once in a great while I’ll take a peek, especially for photos. Most of the time, I just hit “mark as read.” So, I’m behind in this about a year, but I found another Paleo testimony. Everybody I personally know — including me — that has done this has had the exact same testimony. I’ve never experienced such a profound change as I have with this. I struggle at times, fall off the wagon, and suffer the consequences*.

Yup, 2:44am. Time to see if I can once again sleep. My alarm is still going off at 5:30am and that is going to suck.

*My occasional cheating for rice in the form of sushi. Or when my SIL visited and I ate waaaaay too many things with gluten, felt bloated, suffered cravings and endured three days straight with a headache, one day that verged on a puking migraine. I’m convinced that my migraines are triggered by gluten. I’ve not eaten anything with gluten since April 2nd, and not only have I not had a migraine, I’ve not had a headache. I’ve not even once woke up in the morning with my sinuses congested. Both of those used to be daily occurrences for me before I switched to paleo.


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