It is a real thing

Apr 15th, 2012 // In: Posts // By: // Comments 1

Wind turbines is the topic that introduced me to the greater prairie chicken. Before that, I thought that prairie chickens were what people in Kansas were calling pheasants.

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Conversations with Jay

Apr 13th, 2012 // In: Posts // By: // Comments 0

I should be putting all my child conversations here. I place our dialogs on Facebook/G+ at times, but I haven’t downloaded all my posts from there*. Here, I can back-up easily. After getting in bed with Jay last night**, he grabbed my hand and said: Jay: Mommy. Can we talk? Me: For a little bit. […]

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Can’t sleep, bagel will eat me

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I can’t sleep. I spent 2 hours laying in the dark trying before giving up. Right now, that doesn’t suck because I’m catching up on some internet reading that I never seem to find time for. Make time for. Whatever. I have Heather’s RSS feed in my reader — aka, and every once in […]

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On Running and BBall

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First, the game. We were lucky to have a babysitter and were able to go downtown to watch. We were also lucky having contacts that saved us a table at The Bottleneck, so we didn’t have to get there to stake out space early afternoon. We got there at 6:00. The Bottleneck set out a […]

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