Applianced Woes Yet Again

Mar 22nd, 2012By: Comments 0

Yesterday, our washer decided it was done working. Yet Again. Unfortunately, not knowing when we bought it, our washer ended up with a really bad reputation. So much so, it has been dubbed the “Collapso.” It is so bad that there was a class action lawsuit brought against Whirlpool. It is so bad that the best way to deal with it is to make a sacrifice in the temple of Appliantology to appease the appliance gods. Most of the forums related to this washer are of the emotional support type.

One time we had to fix it, it took 5 weeks and three repair visits.

This time we received at first the CE error codes and later the LD ones. I think because the attempts to run it was drawing water into the inner tub, but it was unable to drain it, probably related to the board problems from the initial CE error. Or there is a sock in the pump. Or the shitty pump that has to be replaced many, many times during the lifetime of the washer is shitting out. Again. Either way, we get both errors intermittently at different times.

Given that we will have to likely spend many, many more times fixing this crappily engineered (or cheaply assembled) washer, we decided to just buy new ones.

Oh? The dryer? Yes, it still runs, but it has had the issue where it just turns itself on around 2:00am, drying and beeping and drying and beeping that it is out the door as well. The new dryer hopefully doesn’t have that auto turn on at obscene times of the night feature. The new dryer also has another great feature: It matches the washer. The importance of that is it is designed to stack on top of the washer, should we want that configuration. The 10 year warranty hopefully also means that we won’t have anymore appliance problems for another 10 years and a few days.

The washing machine is being scrapped. I wouldn’t recommend it to anybody given that you are likely going to have to spend way too much time and money fixing it. The dryer is for sale though. The turning itself on feature has happened only four times in the almost 8 years we have owned it, and unplugging it for awhile makes it stop. I even proposed we just replace the washer because I don’t have a current issue with the dryer. We just decided to circumvent appliance repair for awhile, and give us the option of stacking the washer and dryer, and just replace both.

If you know of someone who needs a cheap electric dryer, let me know.


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