I am making my hate official

Mar 10th, 2012By: Comments 1

I hate running on concrete. It’s terrible. It hurts. Unfortunately that’s mostly your option for outdoors around here. The street is apparently where people go to have a catch up call with their friends and/or family while maneuvering a death machine. The side of the street is slanted, so you are running crooked the entire time which is no better.

Today I took Ada out with me for a run/walk. We did 3.56 miles, and I even managed to have her run some. Her form is not good, heel striking most of the time. I showed her how to strike mid-foot, but she said that was too hard. The result was that her heels started hurting around the 1.5 mile mark.

The other bad is that we did this out at Clinton, where everything is concrete. It wouldn’t have mattered if Ada had tired of the running first, I would have shortly after. We did scoot over to the side of the path to hit the grass, but big parts of that path are swampy and neither of us had trail shoes on. The dirt out there has a lot of clay in it too, so it is really slippery when you add standing water to the mix.

On the good side, Ada did 3.56 miles with only two small bench breaks! It took us 1 hour and 15 minutes, but she did it! She wants to go out with me again. Maybe by the time we do that 5K together*, we will get our time down to 1 hour.

I have also made the decision that I do not want to run sidewalks anymore. The next time we go out, I’m taking her to the Riverfront Park trails. I’m going to reserve Clinton recreational paths for walking and biking. I’m sticking to walking for the Northshore trails as well for I am clumsy and they are thick with curves, roots and rocks.

I’m also picking up a — *sigh* — fanny pack. I usually tie my keys on me, but with the Toyota and its big, boxy, smart key, it is too bouncy and takes up too much shoestring to tie it down.Today, I buckled it into my watch, and it constantly banged against my hand which drove me crazy. I can also do about 3 miles without water, taking a big drink before I head out, but with Ada, I took water. That was a pain as well. So, yeah, fanny pack.

*It is a fun run, so a 1:15 time is acceptable.


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  1. M says:

    I hope this has caught you before you make your purchase…

    What about a hydration bladder system with a pouch? That (should) have the added benefit of collapsing as you take the water out, removing the slosh you’d get with a water bottle (and bouncing of said bottle in the fanny pack).

    In addition, I’ve seen some wrist wallets — also some wallets that are meant to go inside of shorts, and strap around your waist — that may hold your key… (though probably not the water bottle). ;-)

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