That time of year again

Feb 12th, 2011By: Comments 0

It is once again time to make Valentine’s Day cards for school. Last year, I needed 23 cards. This year, I need 66. I made 75 to cover teachers and mess-ups. Besides just not wanting to repeat with the bookmark idea, I didn’t want multi-step assembly cards due to the increase in number, so simple hearts this year won out.

Ada and Jay will apply their names, stickers and stamps on the back, which is white. I thought about folding them up like an envelop, but that will depend on how I feel tomorrow. Ada was sick this week, and I seem to have contacted it, so I’m tired and a bit on edge. I may not feel like folding 66+ hearts.

I prefer to make cards for two reasons.

One: We found a package of 60 sheets of scrapbook paper on clearance for $4.99. I cut 5 hearts/sheet, so each heart rounds up to costing $0.02. It will cost $0.03 for every heart sticker they slap on, and that’s because we got the fancy, sparkle bubble ones. You can probably throw on a little bit for the stamp and ink pad, but we already have those from other uses, so not much.

Two: I’ll spend some time with Ada and Jay tomorrow decorating. As long as I get a good night’s sleep, I’ll even call it quality time. The kids will enjoy it. Until they start fighting. Or Ada gets tired of writing her name. She’s the one with the big hit of having to take 44 since she is in all day Kindergarten and has to provide cards for both morning and afternoon classes.

I view the effort as worth it over purchasing a bunch of [Insert Cartoon Character of Choice] pre-made cards, so I will continue to do it. Ada has a huge supply of Hello Kitty stamps she got as a Christmas present, so she can still have her Corporate Owned Character Cards if she chooses.

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