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I love The Onion:

Ultra-Realistic Modern Warfare Game Features Awaiting Orders, Repairing Trucks

The kids and I picked up Modern Warfare 2 for Mac yesterday. He was playing last night. I looked up to see him running around what looked like the average suburban American street. He ran up this incline and I heard the orders to “Secure the Burger Towne!” His American mission was to secure a fast food restaurant with a strong resemblance to Burger King. Fabulous. That’s now the running joke in the house, although most of last night, he seemed to be running around an airport in Russia.

Every time Mac doesn’t feel good or has a sniffle or even a small itch, he’s convinced he as swine flu. It is to the point where it is getting a little annoying. I just remind myself that overreacting to health concerns is just a learned behavior. There is a good reason why he does this.

I took Ada into the doctor yesterday to get a Hep-A vaccine. Even though I explained and explained to her what a shot was, she was convinced she was going for the scab on her knee from a healing falling down wound. She said in the car on the drive over, “When the doctor looks [at my knee], I think they will want me to stay.” Yeah. Maybe it’s genetic instead. She did fabulous job getting a shot, and even seemed to be proud of it and the band-aid that is now on her upper thigh. This brought on another genetic moment:

Ada: I’m going to show my Megan my shot.
Me: You’re not planning on pulling your pants down at school, are you?
Ada: No, I can’t do that! That’s not being nice to my friends. I have to pull my pants up.
[Wait for laughter to die down.]
Mac: Ada, has this already happened? It sounds like your teacher has had to talk to you about this.

I’ve had to ask Ada where her pants are enough times that I’ve lost track. Today she wanted to play dress-up. I said, “sure.” She’s been running around the house in a tutu and panties and nothing else.

I’ve been trying to think of a weekly meal list, and I keep coming up blank. My mind just isn’t focusing. I’m nursing a headache which isn’t helping the matter. I’m about to just head to the store and throw food in my cart and then figure it out when I get home. Tonight will be pizza, per Ada’s request. Tomorrow is dinner with friends that will feature chicken, challah and some other stuff. I’m going to just pick up a load of veges and see what happens. They are coming over here, we will cook together while the kids rampage. I’m going to be without a vehicle all day tomorrow. Mine needs to visit the mechanic, and Mac has to take the other car to work, so if I don’t get it all today, I’m out of luck until around 3:00pm.

I’m going to clean, work up the dough for pizza and hit the store before I head to a friends to pick up a book. She’s letting me borrow her Moosewood cookbook to survey to see if I want to buy it. I’ve looked for one at the used bookshops, but have never seen one yet, so I’ll have to shell out for a new one.

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