Shopping when I should be working

Jun 24th, 2007By: Comments 1

Back when I got my laptop, I was discouraged at the laptop bags that I was finding, so I went for a neoprene sleeve so I could buy any bag and throw my laptop in it. I still haven’t yet bought that bag because I haven’t needed to bring my laptop with me anywhere. I’m going to take it into work, so I’ve started looking for bags. Of course, now is when I find bags that I would like to have. Besides the fact that Mac will say it is out of my budget range, please tell me why I should not

I know which one Mac would vote for. Which one would you vote for*?

*If you are the type that would vote for the typical black laptop bag, you too boring to vote. Unless that black bag has magical powers. Or maybe a laser defense system. Or if it is a transformer**.

**I am so excited for The Transformers movie, I’m about to explode. I’m hoping we can find somebody to watch the kids so we can see it on July 3rd with friends.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I vote for the orange model! :-)

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